Green Wall Costs Explained

Creating a lush and eco-friendly urban space has become a significant trend for modern architecture and landscaping. Green walls can come in the form of a living vertical garden, preserved moss walls, or artificial green walls that not only add a touch of natural beauty but offer numerous environmental benefits as well. The concept of installing a green wall might raise questions about its costs and feasibility for your project. In this article, we will delve into the topic of what goes into the cost of a beautiful green wall to provide you with detailed insights, practical advice, and a clear understanding of the expenses involved.

Green Wall Costs Explained

A green wall is a vertical arrangement of living plants that can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It offers aesthetic appeal, air purification, thermal regulation, noise reduction, and even enhanced property value. To better understand the costs associated with green walls, let’s break it down into different sections:

Types of Green Walls and Their Costs

There are various types of green walls, each with its own unique features and installation costs:

Modular Panel Systems: These pre-grown panels are easy to install and offer a wide variety of plant options. Modular panels are often used for exterior living wall projects giving a lush look from day one.

Tray Systems: Tray-based green wall systems consist of varying sized trays affixed to a support structure such as plywood. The trays are then fitted with drip irrigation and carry 4″-6″ plants in their grow pots. This allows you to change the design and maintain the plants easily.

Preserved Moss Walls: These custom-designed green walls provide flexibility in design with many species of preserved moss and preserved folia to choose from.

Artificial Green Walls: Artificial green walls are a trendy option for incorporating lifelike greenery into both indoor and outdoor areas. Comprising of artificial plants and foliage arranged on a panel or grid system, these walls create a visually stunning and vibrant display.

Factors Affecting Green Wall Costs

Several factors influence the overall expenses of installing and maintaining a green wall:

Location: The site of the green wall can impact the costs based on accessibility, sunlight exposure, and structural support. The more difficult it is to reach every part of the green wall, the higher the costs for installation and continuous maintenance due to special machinery or scaffolding being required.

Irrigation System: The type of irrigation system, such as automatic drip or manual hand watering, affects both installation and maintenance costs. In line drip irrigation will add on the time it takes to build the system but will save money in the long term relative to hand watering due to lower maintenance costs.

Plant Selection: The variety and rarity of plants chosen for the green wall contribute to the overall expenses. Most living walls use 4” to 6” plants that range anywhere from $5-$30 per individual plant and sometimes more depending on species availability.

Maintenance Plan: Regular maintenance is crucial for the health and longevity of a green wall, and the cost will depend on the complexity of the chosen plants, type of irrigation used, and environmental conditions. Moss walls require little to no maintenance and artificial green walls require no maintenance.

Green Wall Installation Costs

The installation costs can be broken down as follows:

Materials: The cost of materials like panels, trays, or building materials.

Labor: Hiring professionals for installation, which can range from $50 to $150 per labor hour depending on the skills and expertise of the company your hire.

Environmental Assessment: Ensuring the building can support the weight of the green wall and measuring lighting conditions, which might require additional expenses.

Green Wall Maintenance Costs

Once the green wall is installed, it requires regular maintenance, including:

Watering: Ensuring the green wall receives adequate water to sustain the plants.

Pruning and Trimming: Regular trimming and pruning to maintain the aesthetic appeal and health of the plants.

Fertilizers and Nutrients: Providing necessary nutrients to the plants for optimal growth.

Pest Control: Addressing pest issues promptly to protect the green wall from damage.

Professional Maintenance: Hiring experts for comprehensive maintenance, which can range from $2 to $25 per square foot per month.

Return on Investment (ROI) of Green Walls

Green walls have proven to be a smart investment in commercial spaces, offering an impressive return on investment (ROI). Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these living installations can provide several financial benefits for businesses.

Attract and Retain Customers

One of the key advantages of incorporating green walls in commercial spaces is their ability to attract and retain customers. Research has shown that people are naturally drawn to environments with lush greenery, leading to increased foot traffic and higher engagement. This heightened customer interest can result in a boost in sales and overall profitability for businesses.

Higher Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

Additionally, green walls can contribute to higher employee productivity and satisfaction. Studies have demonstrated that access to nature within the workplace can reduce stress levels, enhance mental well-being, and improve cognitive performance. By creating a greener and more pleasant working environment, businesses can see increased employee engagement and efficiency, ultimately translating into higher productivity and cost savings over time.

Energy Savings

From a financial perspective, green walls can also contribute to energy savings. The greenery acts as a natural insulator, providing an additional layer of thermal protection to buildings. By reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling, businesses can lower their energy consumption and, subsequently, save on utility costs. This eco-friendly feature aligns with sustainability objectives and further contributes to the ROI of green walls.

Improve Brand Image

Moreover, investing in green walls can bolster a business’s reputation and brand image. Clients and customers now actively seek out companies that demonstrate environmental consciousness and sustainability initiatives. By showcasing a commitment to green practices, businesses can attract like-minded clientele, expand their customer base, and potentially gain a competitive edge in the market.

Creating Your Own DIY Green Wall

For budget-conscious individuals, creating a DIY green wall is a fantastic option. You can explore various cost-effective materials and plant choices, making it a fulfilling and economical project. Hanging shelves or specialized plant containers with vibrant greenery can be an economic solution for enhancing your environment.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I Install a Green Wall Indoors?

Yes, you can install a green wall both indoors and outdoors. However, the considerations for each type may vary, such as lighting, water supply, and plant selection.

How Much Does a DIY Green Wall Cost?

The cost of a DIY green wall depends on the materials used and the size of the project. On average, it can range from $100 to $500+.

Are Green Walls Environmentally Friendly?

Absolutely! Green walls contribute to improved air quality, energy efficiency, and urban biodiversity, making them an eco-friendly addition to any space.

Do Green Walls Require a Lot of Maintenance?

While green walls do require regular maintenance, you can choose low-maintenance plant varieties to reduce the effort and cost involved.

Can Green Walls Be Installed in Commercial Spaces?

Yes, green walls are popular in commercial spaces due to their aesthetic appeal and numerous benefits. Many businesses invest in green walls to create a refreshing environment for employees and customers.

Are Green Walls Suitable for Small Spaces?

Certainly! Green walls are versatile and can be tailored to fit small spaces, making them an excellent choice for balconies, patios, and even indoor living areas.


Green walls offer an innovative and sustainable way to bring nature into urban environments while reaping numerous benefits. Understanding the various costs involved in installing and maintaining green walls is essential for making informed decisions. Whether you opt for a professionally installed green wall or embark on a DIY project, the rewards in terms of aesthetics, well-being, and property value make it a worthwhile investment.

So, why wait? Take the first step toward creating your own green oasis and enjoy the beauty of nature right at your doorstep.

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