Bringing Nature Indoors: How TEDx Jacksonville Embraces Biophilic Design

In the heart of Jacksonville, Florida, something remarkable unfolded at the recent TEDx conference. While the main stage buzzed with thought-provoking talks and innovative ideas, a hidden gem awaited attendees seeking solace and inspiration. The theme of this event was human/nature, and our Jacksonville branch was asked to create a unique and immersive experience. We started designing a green room that embraces biophilic principles, incorporating live plants, moss art, sounds of nature, and comfortable seating.

green room at TEDx Jacksonville with lush potted tropical plants
Potted tropical plants with framed preserved moss art on display

A Tropical Wonderland

The Jacksonville TEDx Green Room is a living testament to the wonders of biophilic design. The space is an oasis of greenery, with an abundance of plants selected for their air-purifying qualities and aesthetic appeal. The room features a diverse array of species, from leafy palm trees to elegant philodendron, creating a tapestry of vibrant green hues. These plants not only provide a visual feast for attendees but also serve to improve air quality, creating a healthier atmosphere.

Moss art, a relatively new form of biophilic design, makes an impressionable appearance in this lush wonderland. The soft, vibrant greens of the moss art create a visually stunning backdrop, while also acting as a natural sound absorber, enhancing the room’s acoustics.

Bringing Nature to Life

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Jacksonville TEDx green room transcends the visual experience. It incorporates other sensory elements to fully engage attendees. Soft, nature-inspired scents waft through the room, creating a multi-sensory experience that feels truly immersive. The relaxing sounds of birdsong and flowing water play softly in the background, contributing to a sense of tranquility.

A Space for Reflection and Connection

The green room serves as more than just a decorative space. It’s a retreat for attendees, a place to unwind, recharge, and connect with others who share a passion for innovative ideas. The natural elements create an inviting atmosphere where people can engage in meaningful conversations, network, and contemplate the inspiring talks they’ve witnessed on the main stage.

green room with lush tropical plants

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