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Indoor Plant Solutions for Sustainable Interiors

Partner with Foliage Design Systems for your biophilic design needs. As an interior designer, you’re passionate about creating unique and sustainable environments in order to improve the health of the space’s occupants. We understand your need for reliable suppliers and high-quality products to maintain your creative freedom and uphold your brand’s image. Our indoor plant services, including plant installations, green walls, holiday décor, maintenance, and artificial plants, are designed to save you time and provide innovative biophilic designs.

commercial building atrium with live indoor tropical plants improving the overall health and sustainability of the property

Learn About Our Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Solutions for Your Next Project

First we will determine the goals and purpose of using biophilic design elements for your project in order to determine which sustainable product will give you the most value. Our priority is maintaining good communication throughout the entire design and installation process to ensure a successful and well done execution of your vision. With our comprehensive interior plant solutions we are able to handle everything from design to installation and maintenance. Check out our work by clicking here.

professionally designed and installed multi-story living green wall in a commercial building atrium

Green Walls

professionally designed, installed, and maintained natural wall art.

commercial building atrium with high quality live indoor tropical plants improving the overall health of the property

Indoor Plants

high quality live indoor tropical plants with custom selected containers.

restaurant atrium filled with hanging artificial wisteria and other lifelike replica plants

Artificial Plants

Lifelike replica plant installations for low maintenance green spaces.

Foliage Design Systems

Foliage Design Systems